Lower Back Problems 

Low back pain results in millions of dollars of lost work and untold suffering every day. Improper sitting or lifting, over-exertion, trauma, or inherited spinal abnormalities can be the cause. Chiropractic adjustments help normalize function to reduce painful symptoms.

What is the problem?

When spinal bones lose their normal motion or position, the soft pulpy center of the disc can bulge or rupture. The disc between each vertebra can't "slip" but it can tear, bulge, or rupture. A bulging disc can put pressure on the spinal cord or nearby nerve roots that exit the spine. This condition can be recognized by the presence of numbness, tingling, or pain running down into the leg.

Chiropractic vs. Surgery 

Shelby Township Chiropractic care is safer and often more effective than surgery, noted by many research projects. Surgical treatment usually involves cutting away the bulging tissue. Besides the dangers of anesthesia and the formation of scar tissue, this method is often unnecessary and rarely addresses the underlying structural cause of the problem.

Instead, chiropractic care attempts to restore a more normal motion and position of spinal bones. This functional improvement often reduce symptoms and leads to better health. The simplicity and success of this approach is recognized by a growing number of scientific experts - and patients who want to avoid surgery! 

What to expect:

Initial visits include a thorough examination and a complete explanation. If yours is a chiropractic case, you'll receive a care program designed for your unique spinal problem. Although many patients report superb results, disc-related conditions are serious and may requir a program of regular visits.


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