X-RAYS at McLeod Chiropractic in Shelby Township

It is beneficial to have an exact visual record of your spine!   


What are X-rays?
  • X-rays are a form of energy related to radio waves and sunshine. The shadow cast onto special film reveals internal structures of the body.
  • These pictures can reveal fractures, bone diseases and joint degeneration. 
  • Serve as documentation of your progress.
Ways X-ray exposure is minimized:
  • Only the necessary views are taken. 
  • Latest up-to-date equipment is used. 
  • Regular government inspections. 
  • Sensitive high-speed film is used. 
  • Highly accurate electronic timing. 
  • Luminescent screens amplify image. 
  • Filters and collimation limit the beam.
  • Shields are available.
  • Latest high frequency x-ray unit which reduces the amount of radiation exposure by 50%.
What about MRIs'? 
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses radio waves and strong magnets to create pictures. Indications of nerve interference show up on an X-ray, soft tissue damage to nerves, muscles or discs-nerve impingement-can't be seen. For further diagnosis, some chiropractors utilize such a tool as an MRI.
  • Shelby Township Chiropractor Dr. Scott McLeod will order one if necessary.
  • Use of X-rays should be a concern, but keep in mind that chiropractic does not use radiation as treatment or therapy but only as a diagnostic tool. 
  • Chiropractic radiology generally exposes patients to a lot less radiation than similar orthopedic and medical examinations. 

Chiropractic patients are shown these images at their report of findings. X-rays and other types of imaging provide information for both you and your doctor. Chiropractors believe that the benefit must always justify the risks that are inherent. That's why we talk to our patients honestly, explain the risks and answer questions in non-technical terms.