Shelby Township Chiropractor Dr. Scott McLeod hosts the popular health series Back To Health

Dr. McLeod's goal is to support as many people as possible in their quest for health, & to educate them so that they may educate others.  

In 1997, he had an idea.  If he could start a local cable show in Shelby Township, then he could reach more people with the truth about health care and help them in making positive choices about their well being.  Out of that idea, 'Back To Health' was born and dozens of weekly episodes aired over the next several years.  It became one of the most popular shows on Shelby TV.  

20 years later, the Shelby Township Chiropractor resurrected the show which reached out to a community, and brought it back to, so that it could reach the entire globe. 


At the end of every episode, you'll hear Shelby Township Chiropractor Dr. Scott McLeod declare the statement: 

"Your health is your most valuable asset... Guard it well!"

That truth is at the crux of the health care matter today.  In this informative series, Shelby Township Chiropractor Dr. Scott McLeod will share with you ideas, truths, and practical ways to guard your health so that it can last you a long lifetime.


Episode 1: Why Chiropractic?

Episode 2: Low Back Pain

Episode 3: Feed a fever or Starve a Cold?

Episode 4: The Algorithm of Health

Back To Health brought to you by McLeod Chiropractic in Shelby Township, MI