Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Our Shelby Township Chiropractic Office:

When you were born, your body knew exactly what to do to keep you healthy. And it still does!

It knew, and knows, how fast your heart should beat, how often your lungs should breath, how you should digest your food, and a million other things about it's own functions. Your body knows all this because it possesses what your Shelby Township chiropractor calls Innate Intelligence. This is the knowledge our bodies are born with... knowledge that no school can teach!

Instructions from your brain are sent to every organ and cell in your body. If the instructions are received and followed properly, your body is able to reach and maintain it's optimum health.

The human body has the ability to heal itself when working properly!

"Vertebral Subluxations" are misalignments in the spine which interfere with your body's normal function. 

The Philosophy of Chiropractic

While the word philosophy may bring to mind ancient Greeks or bearded scholars in dusty libraries, the philosophy of health is a vibrant study that influences how we live. It helps us make critical choices about how we treat our bodies.

Too often, people respond to every symptom by gulping down pills to alleviate the discomfort. When they catch a cold, they buy an over-the-counter remedy from the drugstore. If they gain a few pounds, they head for the diet pills. When they feel tired, they take pills to stay awake and when they want to sleep, there is a pill to take for that, too. There's a bottle of pills to combat headaches and another for irregularity and still another for diarrhea. If you have a symptom, the drug companies have a remedy. The message to the consumer is, whatever is wrong, just pop a pill and you'll be fine. We call this the "Medical Philosophy of Disease."

Every one of us has symptoms from time to time.

When something goes wrong in the body, we get a rash, feel pain or experience discomfort in any one of a hundred ways. This is the body's warning system at work!

Like the red light on you car's dashboard, symptoms tell you it's time to check something in your internal machinery. For the followers of the Medical Philosophy of Disease, these warnings are treated by attempting to fix the symptoms and not the cause. These people believe something from the outside will change something on the inside. That state of mind is dangerous to one's health.

Let's go back to the car analogy. Say the oil light comes on. What are you going to do? Pull into your nearest gas station and put a quart of oil in the engine or are you going to disconnect the light so you won't see it? The logical answer doesn't require much thought. Back to your body. If you get a pain in your head, are you going to check out the cause and correct it? Or are you going to take a pain killer and assume the problem is gone because the symptom has been alleviated?

When you realize your body is somewhat similar to a machine, then it's obvious what the answer has to be. You recognize the need to fix the internal mechanism so the machine is working well again. That's the Philosophy of Health. It's the belief that health comes from within. A properly functioning body can do everything naturally that pills attempt to do chemically. Furthermore, the body knows when to heal, how to heal and when to stop healing and go back on maintenance.